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You've known it all along: your health is directly related to what you eat. Certain foods can even help you look younger, feel more energetic, and live longer.
Food does more than help you manage or ease symptoms of health conditions — it can help prevent those conditions in the first place. It can also improve your mood, your skin, and even your memory! In this section you'll uncover the hidden powers of some everyday foods, and find out what important nutrients your children should be getting. Also, find out which vitamins and supplements are safe and effective for your family.
Looking Great: Discover Which Foods Can Help
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Recipes From Joy Bauer's Health Library
Joy's online plan is filled with recipes that are easy enough for a weeknight, yet elegant enough for a dinner party. This recipe for Orange Dijon Pork Tenderloin is a keeper!
Exercise the Fit Life: Joy Bauer's Health Library
The fitness plan for Joy Bauer's online program is simple, gentle and effective. See if you can handle this easy move.