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Watch clips of Joy's appearances on NBC's Today show, including her Joy Fit Club and Joy's Diet S.O.S. segments, and view her upcoming schedule — plus see where else Joy has appeared on TV!
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Upcoming apperances

Joy Bauer is scheduled to appear on the TODAY show on these dates:

Resent Apperances
Joy on the Today Show
As the resident nutrition expert for NBC's Today show, Joy regularly appears to share new diet and health information with viewers. See an archive of her general food and health segments here!
The Joy Fit Club
Each week, Joy introduces the newest member of the Joy Fit Club — a group of determined individuals who have lost more than 100 pounds by relying on just diet and exercise. Watch highlights of the dramatic transformations here.
Joy Bauer, Today show, 6 Months to a 6-Pack
6 Months to a 6-Pack
Check out how our three brave participants (Ralph, Tamara, and Kelli) are faring in their pursuit for a 6-pack. Watch their transformation from bulging bellies to abs of steel:
Joy Bauer, Today show, Too Good to be Healthy
Too Good to be Healthy
In this segment, Joy dishes on foods that many people assume would sabotage a diet, but actually taste great and will help you lose weight. See the archive of recent Too Good to Be Healthy segments here.
Joy's Diet S.O.S.
Joy's Diet S.O.S.
In this Today show segment, Joy answers viewers' dilemmas about fitness, nutrition and health. See the archive of recent Joy's Diet SOS segments.
Joy Bauer, Today show, Joy's Healthy Bite
NEW! Joy's Healthy Bite
In her newest Today show segment, Joy breaks down the latest nutrition studies and shares the need-to-know news & celeb buzz in the health world.
Joy's TV Appearances
Joy's TV Appearances
Joy Bauer brings her diet and nutrition knowledge beyond the Today show when she appears as a guest expert on many other popular television shows.