Relieve Back Pain With This Gentle Stretch

This Body Enhancer is a gentler version of yoga's Cobra Pose. It stretches your core and helps realign your spine, making it a great exercise for people with lower back aches. Close your eyes as you do the stretch — and let this meditative move work its magic.

Cobra Stretch

Step 1: Lie facedown, elbows bent, with your palms resting on the floor beside your shoulders.

Step 2: Squeeze your buttocks, press your pelvis down into the floor, and gently press up with your hands so that your upper torso, shoulders, and head are off the floor. Your elbows can remain bent, or you can straighten your arms for a deeper stretch. Either way, you should feel a gentle stretch in the front of your body without any pinching or discomfort in your lower back (if you do, discontinue the stretch).