11 Ways to Rev Your Weight-Loss Engine - Shock your tongue

You can burn more calories, and lose more weight, just by tweaking your habits. Here are 11 tricks to rev up your metabolism and maximize your weight-loss progress.
Shock your tongue.
Be liberal with spicy ingredients like cayenne pepper, hot sauce, jalapeños, chipotle, and hot salsa, and incorporate them into more meals: Consider adding chopped hot peppers to scrambled eggs, chicken or tuna salad, and tossed salads, or make a spicy sandwich spread by mixing a generous shot of hot sauce into hummus or low-fat mayo. Why? New research has found that adding spicy ingredients to your food can help suppress your appetite and even stoke your metabolic fire a bit. In one study, dieters who didn't normally eat spicy foods ate a soup seasoned with cayenne pepper for lunch, resulting in them consuming 60 fewer calories at their next meal and burning an extra ten calories. Sure, it's a small amount, but over time it adds up!