10 Tricks to Lighten Up Your Holiday Treats - Rethink Your Roast

Transform calorie-laden holiday treats into diet-friendly fare that is just as delicious as "traditional" version.  

Rethink Your Roast
Rethink Your RoastFor meat lovers, nothing says holiday celebration quite like a perfectly cooked slab of prime rib — but the stats alone are enough to make your heart skip a few beats. At 720 calories and 63 fat grams per (modest) six-ounce slice, it's one of the fattiest cuts going. For an equally elegant meal without all the damage, consider swapping your rib roast for a succulent, lean beef tenderloin, which has about half the calories and less than a quarter of the fat. Or, branch out from beef and try other lean holiday entrées, like roast turkey, Cornish game hens, or pork tenderloin.