Sure, milk does a body good, but there are plenty of foods and nutrients that can improve your bone health. Learn how to treat and prevent osteoporosis with food.
Next to genetic predisposition, poor nutrition is the most common cause of osteoporosis. But making healthy food choices can prevent dangerous bone loss — and food is one of the most important treatments recommended by physicians and nutritionists alike once osteoprosis is diagnosed. Find out how to eat your way to stronger bones and help prevent or treat this painful disease.
Osteoporosis Basics: What Is Osteoporosis?
How Food Affects Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis Basics
No one knows for sure what causes osteoporosis, but certain factors are clear.
Learn the basics of osteoporosis.
Coffee and Calcium
Is it true that coffee can actually deplete the amount of calcium in your bones?
Find out the truth about coffee.
Calcium Supplements
If you're already taking a multivitamin, you may be able to get enough calcium from your diet.
Get Joy's advice on taking supplements.
How to Sneak Calcium Into Your Kid's Diet
If your children won't drink milk, you can still make sure they're getting enough calcium.
Add more calcium to your family's diet.
Calcium and Soda
Can calcium be leached from bones by the phosphorus in soft drinks?
Get the truth about calcium and soda.
Dairy Sources for the Lactose Intolerant
If your are lactose intolerant, calcium supplements will help you reach your daily requirement.
Also try these high-calcium, low in lactose snack ideas.
8 Bone-Building Nutrients
Protect yourself against osteoporosis by eating foods rich in these bone-building nutrients.
Learn to eat your way to stronger bones!
7 Ways to Enhance Your Bone Health
Want to reduce your risk for osteoporosis? Start today with these smart tips.
Protect your bone strength and density.
8 Non-Dairy Bone Builders
Dairy foods aren't the only ones that provide healthy bone-building nutrients.
Add these 8 alternatives to your plate.