Should I Be Eating...?

Choose from hundreds of foods, from almonds to zucchini, and find out their effects on your health.

Find out the hidden health benefits in your favorite foods. Browse the index from A to Z and discover the powerful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals each food contains — plus the medical conditions and concerns these foods can help treat.

  • Ice Cream
    Regular, full-fat ice cream is not the best choice for most people concerned with various health conditions, not to mention that it can impede weight-loss efforts due to its high calorie content. Ice cream is high in saturated fat, which, when eaten in excess, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. It can also contribute to inflammation, which may increase the risk of arthritis, cataracts and macular degeneration, and memory loss. You can enjoy it as an occasional trea...
  • Ice Cream, Low-Fat
    Low-fat ice cream is a perfectly delicious occasional treat, but enjoy it in moderation to keep weight in check. Low-fat ice cream has less saturated fat than regular ice cream, so it's a more heart-healthy treat. It also provides calcium, a mineral involved in keeping bones strong, reducing blood pressure, and preventing PMS symptoms. On the other hand, if you get migraines avoid chocolate ice cream if chocolate is one of your personal triggers. IBS sufferers take note: Some people with IBS are...