Family Health

When good eating and exercise habits are formed at home, they can last a lifetime. Discover Joy's best tips for getting your family to eat right.
Whether your family members are overweight, underweight, or perfectly fine, you probably still worry about how they're eating. Do your kids get enough calcium? Should you and your children be taking vitamins? In this section, learn how to make the right choices for your family and get tips on teaching your children the importance of eating nutritious (and great-tasting!) food and staying active.
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Find a Food Cure for Your Health Condition
Mistakes Parents Make When Feeding Their Kids
Joy reveals her tried-and-true ways for avoiding common pitfalls at the family table.
Are you making one of these mistakes?
Should Your Child Take Vitamins?
Is a daily vitamin necessary for your kids — or even a good idea?
See what experts say about children's vitamins.
The Juicing Craze - Health or Hype
Does this thirst-quenching trend truly promote health, or is it all just hype?
Learn the pros and cons of this popular fad.
5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Family
When good eating and exercise habits are formed at home, they can last a lifetime.
Teach your family these habits.
Food Cures for the Common Cold
Just because cold remedies are commonplace, doesn't mean they're effective.
Get 5 hard facts about common-cold care.
5 Foods Your Kids Should Be Eating
Want to help your children do better in school and have lasting energy?
These 5 foods should be on every kid's plate!
8 Energy-Boosting Breakfasts
Not all breakfasts have staying power. Choose protein-packed meals to start your day off right!
Get 8 creative, delicious breakfast ideas..
10 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas
These fun recipes deliver powerful nutrients that will fuel your childs' growing body.
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The 6 Best Breakfasts to Eat Before the SATs
The right pre-exam meal can keep your brain focused and your body fueled up.
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Healthy Snacks Kids Love!
Offering smart choices at snack time helps your kids refuel with "the good stuff". Feed your little ones these fun, creative treats.