Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a surprisingly common disorder — one that's treated entirely by making the right changes to your diet.
Gluten-Free Dieting for Life
When you have celiac disease, eating gluten-free becomes a way of life.
Find out if "gluten-free" is forever.
Q and A: Reading Labels
When you're diagnosed with celiac disease, reading food labels can be daunting.
Here's how to make reading labels easier.
Joy's Gluten-Free Shopping List: Healthy, Whole-Grain Picks!
Many celiac-safe food products are now available at grocery stores.
Here are Joy's favorite healthy picks.
Q and A: Eating Oats
Oats can be a safe food, but not all types are created equal.
Learn what to look for on the label.
6 Tips for Healthy Eating with Celiac Disease
Making the appropriate dietary changes is the most important way to treat celiac disease.
See 6 smart tips for celiac-safe eating.
5 Lifestyle Tips for Living With Celiac Disease
If you've been diagnosed with celiac, take the right precautions to ensure a healthy life.
See 5 ways you can protect your health.
Celiac-Safe Choices for Dining Out
A growing awareness of celiac disease has made eating in restaurants easier.
Get Joy's advice for gluten-free dining.