Food Cures for Arthritis

A healthy eating plan can greatly reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis. Here are the best anti-inflammatory foods to pick, plus tips on which foods to avoid.

According to the National Institutes of Health, arthritis affects just over one in every five people in the United States — most of whom don’t realize how much nutrition can improve the way they feel. Your best bet for reducing pain is an anti-inflammatory diet; this section can help you create one. Get your personal Food Cure for arthritis.

How Well Do You Know Your Joints?
You probably know someone who has arthritis, but how much do you know about it?
Test your knowledge with this quiz.
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Arthritis Basics

Many people don't realize how much nutrition can reduce the pain of arthritis.
Find out how food affects arthritis.

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How Food Affects Arthritis

Because arthritis is a disease of inflammation, an anti-inflammatory diet can go a long way toward reducing painful symptoms.

The Benefits of Ginger

Does eating ginger really reduce the painful symptoms of inflammation of arthritis?
Find out if eating ginger can help you.

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Dining-Out Tips for Arthritis

Making smart menu choices is key to dining out without triggering joint pain.
Learn what you should order at restaurants.

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Arthritis 101: What You Need to Know

Think arthritis is just the inevitable aches and pains that come with age? Think again.

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Different Types of Arthritis

Learn about the most common types of arthritis. 

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Foods that Fight the Inflammation of Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA is an inflammatory disorder, but these foods can help you fight the fire. 

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Diet Tips for Gouty Arthritis

The “rich man’s disease” is becoming increasingly common. Learn which foods can impact the white-hot pain of gout. 

Home Remedies for Arthritis

The pain of arthritis can keep you from doing the things you love. Try these home remedies to get back in the swing of things.

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The Worst Foods for Arthritis

The most effective eating plan for arthritis includes avoiding inflammatory foods. Keep these foods far from your plate!

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7 Ingredients to Ease Arthritis Pain

An arthritis-safe diet includes plenty of foods that naturally reduce inflammation. Discover the 7 best foods for arthritis.

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8 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Gout

Learn more about this painful joint condition and ways to prevent its occurances. Find out how to lower your risk.